Vermont is a paradise on hearth for vacation

If you like mountains, snow, eating clean and having a natural lifestyle, Vermont is a place for you. Compared to other states, population density is low, and nature is king, so this is the best place to run away from stress for your vacations. You can hike, do cross country skiing, alpine skiing, hunt, fish or eat quality and local food while avoiding the stress of big American touristic places.

If you like to do alpine skiing, mountains such as Stowe, Killington, JayPeak, Smuggler’s Notch, Sugarbush and many others are some of the best places to ski on the northeast side of the American continent.

The green mountain state also offers great places to do hiking with your dog which is not the case in many other places such as their Canadian neighbor,  the province of Quebec. This small detail is giving Vermont a considerable advantage for family hiking trips.

Vermont is also a state where organic food is very popular so it’s a great destination for foodies and holistic health oriented people. Another great advantage of Vermont is that the cost of life is cheaper than in other mountain places like Colorado. Of course, the economy is smaller because it’s a rural state but cities like Burlington offer great services. One of those services is located in Burlington. It’s the University of Vermont which has a great reputation. It’s the fifth oldest university in New England. Only Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown were created before this college located in a charming place near Champlain lake.

Of course, if you come to Vermont during winter, you need to be dressed accordingly because the temperature might be colder than what you are used to if you live south of Vermont. Temperature can be as low as 10 Fahrenheit.

Here’s a video showing great places to visit when you go to Vermont.

I highly encourage you this destination for a relaxing vacation period. You will be happy you did!