Vermont is a famously verdant state, a place where nature and culture are in better balance than anywhere else in our country.  How did Vermont get that way? Can the Vermont experience point the way toward achieving a nationally sustainable environment, one that doesn’t destroy its own root in nature?

In Greening Vermont:  The Search for a Sustainable State, authors Elizabeth Courtney and Eric Zencey show how the arrival of the petroleum economy in the 1950s transformed the state – and how the response of the environmental movement laid the groundwork for the kind of society that we all must build for the future.  Greening Vermont is a compelling story for all who hope to see us develop a society that meets human needs without damaging the ecosystems that support us.

“By measuring social change and environmental policy against a new yardstick of ….. ‘finite planet thinking’,  Courtney and Zencey point us toward …. the absolutely crucial role that the environmental movement has played and must play in the future.” -  Tom Prugh, Worldwide Institute

“Readers who love Vermont will flock to Greening Vermont – the photographs, artwork and personal histories are alone worth the price of admission… but everyone … should read it.  Vermont has provided, and the authors have illuminated, a creative and constructive template for the rest of us to move toward sustainability.”  -  Michael Fortunato,  Professor of Economics, Williams College and SUNY Empire State College